Cliffs Sing of Coyotes

by John Hartog

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Cliffs Sing of Coyotes
Poorwills and Owls at Dawn
Basalt Escarpment and Sagebrush Steppe
September 08, 2013 5:09 am
Lake County, Oregon

Recording and album art by John Hartog.

Track Length: ~ 48 minutes
A live, real-time recording.

Best when listened to on good headphones or good speakers in a quiet setting. Give this recording ten minutes or so to develop as it starts slowly.

These coyote voices were heard only indirectly, as a subtle resonance beneath a massive extent of basalt cliffs - as quiet breaths of natural music.


Vicinity of Location: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Warner Wetlands, Poker Jim Ridge.

Natural Sounds:
Common Poorwills
Great Horned Owls
Pacific Chorus (Tree) Frog
Tree Crickets
Resonance of Air and Land
Ambient Echoes of Distant Coyotes

No obvious anthropogenic (human caused) noise.

Amplified with EQ to highlight resonant ambience.


released December 9, 2013


all rights reserved